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Cores development of intelligent engine for intelligent application and robot service is using data mining, machine learning and knowledge reasoning and so on.


Adaptive Interactive Cognitive Reasoning Engine. A reasoning framework for incremental learning and problem solving of intelligent agent.


Planning, manufacturing and managing of the whole process are to develop robot systems.


Meet iRSP, an open software platform for development and integration of intellignet robot services and applications
and agR, a reasoning framwork for incremental learning and problem sloving of intelligent agent.

Integration Tool

Development and Perfomance Improvement of an intelligent Robot Software Platform

  • Open Platform and Programming Language (C/C++/Java/Python/Script) Support
  • 3D Simulator (anyKode Marilou, SNU R-Station)
  • Intelligent Modules (PDDL based planning / multi agent)
  • Component based Integration Architecture
  • RPML/RSML based System Independent Runtime Engine
  • UPnP/CORBA based Middleware/Control Support

About Us

Building a human-like artificial intelligence is an ultimate human dream. After (Richard) Hong Shinn completed his PhD thesis “A Unified Approach to Analogical Reasoning” in 1989, he founded AIBrain Asia – the new name effective from March 1, 2016, formerly known as Bonavision – in July 1997 in Seoul, Korea.

  • Service

    Intelligence Services, Defense, Medical Robots

  • Security

    Intelligent Online, Security Solutions

  • Solution

    Physical Security, Perimeter Solutions

  • Computing

    High Performance Cloud Computing

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Open software platforms and intelligent robot applications.

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