Tyche, The True AI Companion for Kids

Tyche is an AI robot that talks, listens, thinks and reasons to plan and solve tasks. A total of 5 Android applications are available for download from Google Play. Several cutting-edge technologies have been built and integrated to bring Tyche to life. Interested developers can also innovate and add to Tyche’s capabilities.


Tyche is a personal companion that thinks, listens to, talks to, and entertains you. Tyche can be personalized to your own liking. You can give it a name and tell it what you like. It remembers your preferences, recognizes your face, and understands how you’re feeling!

Face tracking, ball tracking, and marker tracking are some fun features of Tyche. Tyche knows what you look like and can follow your face to keep you in its view. Hold up arrows to direct Tyche and have it navigate around the house.

Tyche’s autonomous navigation require SLAM Kit to be released as a paid add-on product in Q1 2016. The capabilities will include:

  • Object identification and collision avoidance
  • Map building, self-localization and autonomous navigation (SLAM)

Grab another Android smartphone and drive Tyche around remotely! Tyche connects through either Bluetooth or WiFi, and shows you what it sees.

Children can enhance their technical knowledge by learning how to program Tyche with a simple touch interface or through conversation. Young developers can build on their existing coding skills using our programming suite, called iRSP (Intelligent Robot Software Platform). This platform can not only program Tyche, but also other robots. With Tyche, imagination, creativity, learning, and fun are guaranteed!