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Building a human-like artificial intelligence is an ultimate human dream. After (Richard) Hong Shinn completed his PhD thesis “A Unified Approach to Analogical Reasoning” in 1989, he founded AIBrain Asia – the new name effective from March 1, 2016, formerly known as Bonavision – in July 1997 in Seoul, Korea.
The company has continued its efforts toward building a true AI including:

·  an intelligent game engine based on the AI technology of intelligent agent, sponsored by a 3 year government fund since 1999 until 2002
·  an open architecture-based robot software called intelligent robot software platform (IRSP), sponsored by the 10 year government initiative on the intelligent robotics from April 1, 2003 until March 31, 2013
·  a cognitive agent as part of the cognitive consumer robot funded as part of 5 year Korea-US joint project which includes Georgia Institute of Technology and SKKU from December 1, 2008 until November 30, 2013

Dr. Shinn founded his second company, CrossCert, as a global certification authority, in March 1999, and acquired the investment around US$20 million in the year of 2000 from the companies including SoftBank and VeriSign, and Naver. It went IPO in Korean Stock Market, KOSDAQ in November 2010. CrossCert has been growing steadily for the past 10 years in both revenue and profit with its current market cap around $200 million.

After CrossCert’s successful IPO, Richard came back to the US to expand his AI company to a global scale in the Fall of 2011. The US company, AIBrain, Inc. was founded in Palo Alto, California, on February 17, 2012.

AIBrain Asia based in Seoul, Korea, covers the Asian market including China, Japan and Korea, while the US company, AIBrain Inc, focuses on the US and Europe.

AIBrain is the home for brilliant minds with the vision to create a practical “true” AI.  The true AI may not happen until a complete knowledge representation architecture is invented. However, with our strenuous effort for the past 19 years, we are a step closer to realizing our goal, and through a series of quantum leaps we believe it will lead to a practical version close to “true” AI.

If you are passionate in AI, please join with us on this great endeavor.

Thank you so much.

March 1, 2016
Richard H. Shinn, CEO, AIBrain Asia


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